To value our lands and products.

Our staff

  • Permanent staff working for France Allium-BCO group to approve, sort out and package the products.
  • Support for producers by the BCO Cooperative’s Agronomy Department (two crop advisors) with PADV training and a 4 people integrated Quality Department.
  • Qualified operatives for each packaging line, both manual and automates ranging from big bag to 250g nets.
  • Experienced order pickers to ensure that orders are placed in accordance with the schedule.
  • Two Station Managers to supervise each of the two packaging plants.
  • A production manager responsible for optimizing the machine park with the maintenance team.
  • A five people commercial unit available daily to manage the orders, plan needs and prepare the future.

Our Producers

  • 56 growers members including 13 involved shareholders who manage the cooperative.
  • A rentable commitment in total exclusive contribution and over a minimum period of 5 years.
  • Global Gap certification of all producers, agri-environmental labels being developed within the group.
  • Experimentation work carried out each year by the cooperative’s growers and with external organizations.
  • Six specifications and three farm certifications.
  • A total cultivated area of 629 hectares in 2021, of which 25,000 tons of French origin yellow onions and 2,400 tons of French origin red onions.
  • A presence in 3 production areas : Centre Val de Loire, Ile de France and Grand Est.

Thanks to the commitment of all these teams, we market first range products to mass distribution, European wholesalers and industrial customers.