A shared ambition

The Beauce Champagne Oignon Cooperative (B.C.O.) is a company owned by its producer members, represented by a 13-member Board of Directors, and recognised as a Producer Organisation by the French and European authorities.

Our ambition :


M. Jérôme MACHEREZ – Chairman of du  France Allium-BCO group

Giving meaning:
To be able to offer the best product at the best price through our expertise, while respecting the sharing of value.

Our values:
Humility, proximity, responsiveness, love of the job, pragmatism, responsibility and a sense of innovation.

Affirm who we are:
Committed farmers, attached to their land and their cooperative, conscientious, willing, efficient, convinced that collaborative work is the future of tomorrow.

Clarify what we want to be:
A leader in our sector.

Say what we want to do:
Ensure the long-term future of allium growing, and meet our customers’ economic and social expectations by combining agro-ecology, industry and commerce.
Develop our skills and those of our employees, improve working conditions and use innovative tools.

Our values

    • Meeting the intrinsic expectations of our customers.

    • Maintain a special relationship of trust with our member producers.

    • To offer quality products that are constantly evolving.

    • Optimise the performance and profitability of all company processes.


    • Improve working conditions for our employees.


    • Working to increase the value of our region by developing certifications that respect people and their environment.

Putting agro-ecology at the heart of our know-how and our business by becoming a major player in the preservation of our water resources and the fertilisation of our soils; enhancing the value of our agriculture and our region to keep our land alive through committed farming practices that stimulate life in the soil and biodiversity in the air; promoting healthy, sustainable, fair, productive and profitable food for all, because our health and that of the planet as a whole is a priority.

Our actions
to achieve our ambition


A vision of partnership based on our 3 core businesses :


Technical support and Research & Development to help members develop crop specifications that meet consumer expectations.


Flexible, responsive production facilities guarantee product quality that is unique on the market.


By translating our agronomic and industrial strengths into an appropriate consumer promise: beautiful, healthy and guaranteed certified.